First exhibition game in the books

We just got done playing our first exhibition game here, against the Yomiuri Giants, and it was pretty crazy. The fans here are awesome.

It was weird because you could hear a pin drop when we were batting, but when they were up, the place was going nuts. Chants and songs and horns and everything. But only for them. For us, it was so quiet, and I didn’t expect that because I cheated today and watched some games on TV at the hotel.

In the games I saw, there was noise for both teams, but I guess that’s because when two Japanese teams play, both teams have fans there. We have a few fans here, but obviously not many. I heard a couple “Let’s go, Oakland!” chants behind the dugout, but that was it. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s the same — or more lopsided — when we play the Red Sox.

Batting practice was pretty wild, too. They had two batting cages going at once and a big screen set up in center field for the pitchers to work behind. Never seen anything like that before, for sure.

I’m glad I get to see all this now, before I pitch. Just knowing that there’s going to be a lot of different kinds of noise than I’m used to hearing should help. I’m not sure how much, because I’ve never really been much for paying attention to what’s going on in the stands when I’m pitching anyway, but it has to help somehow, right?

I wish I had some great story to tell you about what I did with my day before the game, but I don’t. I stayed in the hotel and slept as much as I could. I just didn’t want to get out from under the covers.

Sorry about that. I promise I’ll have better stories later in the week.




    As I sit here at Yokota AB in Japan, just getting home from watching the A’s beat the Giant’s, I have a sore throat and no voice. We, about 10 of us USAF guys, were as loud as we possibly could be. We had a blast. The highlight of my night was Huston Street tossing a ball up to me during batting practice. Did you notice during the Giant’s batting practice they were making the fan’s throw back the balls hit over the fence!? I caught one and this security gaurd came up to me, took it and tossed it back on the field! I was ticked!!!! Anyway, tell the boys great game, good time…see you again on Tuesday…Look for the Bald Man in a white Chavez jersey!!!




    Hi Joe,

    Just like Sam above, I was at the game last night. So nice to see “my team” play here in Japan; I am a Japanese national, living in Sebastopol, CA, and happen to be in Tokyo on business (I am here 10 times a year on business). I have been an A’s fan since 1981 when I first went to the US as a high school exchange student. It was particularly great to see Bobby (what a blast last night!) and Huston healthy and strong. With you at the top of rotation, with Rich healthy all season, and with Eric back hopefully soon, I think we have a great chance to surprise everyone who rates us so low this season. We are the A’s after all, folks! Go beat Dice K Tuesday. I am counting on you, Joe! Nori

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