Time to do some exploring

I?m finally going to get out and explore Tokyo with my wife, LeeAndra, tonight. I’m knocking this blog out before our second exhibition game, a day game on Sunday here, and we just have a little quick workout tomorrow, because this is our chance to explore — tonight and tomorrow.

I?m not sure what we?re going to do, but I am sure that LeeAndra has a plan. She?s the planner of the two of us. I met her in July of 2006 and we got married in November 2007. I kinda knew right away, obviously, that she was right for me.

She?s a trooper, for sure. She pretty much goes on every trip with me — even though she?s not crazy about flying. Just having her around to support me is awesome. Having her to go home to, no matter where I am, makes everything feel kind of homey, and that?s the way I like it.

When you?re single, you go out more, and that can wear you out. I?m kind of a homebody, and I just love having someone to go home and chill out with. We?ll talk about baseball a little bit, but not much. A nice little balance, I?d say. She obviously knows when I pitch well and when I don?t, but none of that matters to her, and it?s nice to go home — especially after a bad game — and have someone there who won?t critique your performance and just loves you for who you are. It keeps me relaxed and in a good frame of mind.

I?ve heard people say that the sign of a good couple is when one person?s strengths make up for the other person?s weaknesses, and vice-versa. That?s definitely the case with me; she makes up for some of my weaknesses. Like the planning thing. I kind of just shoot from the hip, and whatever happens, happens. She?s the one who has to have everything planned out on paper to a T, making sure we know how everything?s going to go, and that?s definitely a better approach to most things as opposed to being a gunslinger and just letting it fly.

So I?m looking forward to seeing what she?s got workin? tonight. I?m not sure what it is, but I do know I want to check out this eight-story electronics store I?ve heard about. I?ll have to make sure that gets into the schedule.

Basically, we just want to get out of the hotel and feel the city a little bit. I?ll just roll with whatever LeeAndra has in store for us.

I?m still feeling pretty good as far as jet-lag goes, by the way. I think it?s because I?ve spent so much time in my room. I haven?t had any trouble sleeping, and I feel great. I guess a few of the guys are dragging, but I still feel like I?m adjusted.

Let?s just hope it stays that way, right? Talk to y?all tomorrow after the workout.


  1. sara6300@comcast.net

    Hey Joe
    Thanks for writing this blog and letting us know a little about LeeAndra. She sounds terrific. Looking forward to hearing about your travels in the city. this game is going well, the A’s are winning big time. How does it feel watching?


  2. Kate

    Thanks for this blog. I am so happy that you are in such an amazing relationship! You are one of my favorite players and thanks for starting a blog. I started one after reading yours and hope to bring A’S passion to every word I write. Good luck in “opening” day!

  3. cliffordcj@comcast.net

    Hey Joe!

    Were you at the Silver diner today?
    Wanted to come over, and say hello, but I figured you would prolly just like to eat your meal.
    Good luck in the rest of the season!

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