On the road again

I’m not real big on talking about myself and what happens on
the field when I’m pitching, and it’s starting to get a little old talking
about what a surprise we’ve been as a team this year. I understand why people
ask about it, but we’ve always thought we were gonna be a pretty good team, and
it’s kinda funny that now we have to explain why everywhere we go.


So I wanted to come up with something new, and this is the
first time I’ve done a blog from the road (unless you count the trip to Japan),
so I figured I’d start by sharing with y’all some of my favorite places in the
American League.

One of my favorite places to go has always been Seattle, and
there’s lots of reasons why. For one thing, I just like playing there. It’s a
great field to play at, and the clubhouse there is as good, if not better, than
any clubhouse in the league. Top-notch.

The city’s usually nice, too — we always seem to get good
weather when we go up there. And they have a lot of nice restaurants, and
there’s a really good sushi place there that a lot of our
guys go to.

I don’t know if I have a least-favorite place to go. They’re
all big league cities. Some of the clubhouse aren’t that great, like Boston,
which has the smallest and worst clubhouse in the league. But I love playing
there, just because of the atmosphere. You have the Green Monster and all that.

It’s just a great place to watch a baseball game or play in
a baseball game, and Boston’s a great city, too.

Bottom line, I know I’m pretty lucky to be doing this, so
I’m not going to complain about much.

Oh, and this is pretty random, but I wanted to add this,
too: Someone asked me yesterday who my favorite player would be if I was a
little kid and I was an A’s fan, and I have to say Frank Thomas. Big Frank was
my favorite player when I was a little kid, anyway, so why would it be any
different now?

Pretty cool that I get to play with him now, that’s for

Thanks for reading, everyone. Next time I do one of these,
I’m gonna answer some of the questions y’all been leaving for me.


  1. ravage5on5@yahoo.com

    Big Joe, you are an inspiration. You come out there every 5th day and consistantly pitch like an ace. This season started unlucky for you its tough to watch you dominate then lose by a run or two. I got a question, you ever play as yourself on MLB08 the Show? That curve is so nasty lol. Ok, take care I’ll be following your start in Cleveland today.

  2. anderson143624

    Hi Joe, First of all Greetings from Venezuela. Im a bis As fan, since i was a kid and the As were swept in the 1990s World series. It has been really good to watch the As this year, playing beyond the expectations of many people.
    Talking about yesterday, vs the Rays, I think you gave us, as always a chance to be in the game, althought it didnt ended the way we wouldve liked. Bad luck on that pitch for Gaudin (the gameday says that it was a fastball, the MLB page says it was a slider) that ended being the difference.

    ill be watching you when you pitch againt the red sox.

    And one last thing, have you had the time so know Gregorio Petit? Ive seen him play here in my country many times and im happy to see another venezuelan playing with the As.

    Anderson G.

  3. bullpenbaker

    Glad you posted again, Joe! It’s interesting about how certain clubhouses have a more positive vibe than others. Is it because of the lighting? Size? Amenities?

    And I’ve got a question for you. What’s your favorite cookie?


  4. captaincarney@yahoo.com

    Hey Joe, I was at the game yesterday against the Redsox. I think you showed great tenacity and and unwillingness to give up when you came out there in the 6th inning and shut the redsox down. That effort was a major key the ballgame, in addition to Cust’s blast of course. I kinda felt the sox got momentum after that line drive by Crosby in the bottom of the 4th was caught, but you out them back in your place.

    I go to a lot of games here, but I’d love to cheer you guys on in Seattle.

    When you were growing up, were the Reds your favorite team? What is the most important pregame thing for you to do before you take the hill?

  5. todd@ibwsonline.com

    Joe –

    I have been wathcing you pitch since you’ve been with the A’s. How you keep your composure is beyond me! You are always consistant and outstanding. Why the f’ing team cannot give you run support is very wierd. Maybe you should do some sort of ritual or shake all of their hands before you pitch…anything! Keep up the good work and please stay with the A’s. As you can see, everyone who leaves goes right down hill.

    Take care, sorry for the language but I have had it!

  6. goldgloveforellis

    Thanks for keeping us posted! I love yall and I know yall will do amazing this season! Keep up the good work!!

  7. cnaks@yahoo.com

    Love your blog! Hope you’ll post again soon. We’re having a great time watching you and the rest of the guys play the season. We can tell that you love the game and are playing it to win it. It’s a great thing to watch, especially for some die hard A’s fans!

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